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Paving Pro’s advice, products and services are top notch and highly recommended to anyone who needs more than just paving material. - Henk Meyer

The benefits of letting the pro’s pave

You want a paved surface that is durable even when subjected to weather or heavy traffic. Get the perfectly designed and robust pavement according to your requirements. If it is residential, commercial or industrial, we will have you covered.

Paving Pro’s professional assistance and customer-driven services run parallel with tested and proven products. The only thing you need to focus on is, choosing the perfect paving.

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What we do

Whether it’s for a company or home, we supply and install it all.  Specialising in providing and installing durable pavement materials you can rest assured you’ll get a thoroughly professional paving service.


Connect your outdoor areas with all-season resistant pathways. Quickly and easily navigate your way through your outdoor space, no matter if it is residential, commercial or industrial.


Invest in a safe option around your pool; choose between tiles and paving to have your pool and outdoor entertainment area styled the way you prefer! Enjoy year round flair and  function.


We install it; you make the entrance. Have smooth and easy access to your property, no matter whether it is private or commercial. It doesn’t matter if the primary goal is to walk or drive, you can have the perfect pathway. 



Feel at home, no matter where you are. Have beautifully designed patios according to your preferences. Choose from a broad range of patio products for your home, hotel, workplace or any other outdoor areas.

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Exposed Concrete

Need it artistic and heavy duty at the same time? Exposed concrete pavements are the way to go. With its aesthetic appeal and enduring characteristics, this unique paving will have you looking twice.


You have the entrance but need it perfectly styled? Have the complete and best concrete installed for your entrance, by choosing right, today! Let your choice include both beauty and durability.


Give your exterior a look and feel it deserve. Have your office outdoor paving look top notch when receiving valuable clients. Don’t let your company’s design or style stop you from getting that perfect pavement


You can have it custom made while still being heavy duty for all industrial purposes. Paving Pro’s services go beyond the restraints and obstacles industrial paving might pose. Made to hold and designed to look appealing your industrial landscapes will never be the same again!

Paving benefits

Paving the Way

No matter the landscape, you can have it paved! What type of paving do you need? If it's for your walkway, driveway, patio, or exposed concrete paving, we've got you covered. Click on the link below to check out our commercial, industrial and entrance services.

Your Free and Quick Checklist for All Your Requirements

There is a lot to consider! Before you choose a particular product or service, know what you need. Determine varies aspects, including the type of pavement; colour; size; and your budget. Read the free checklist to know in detail how to go about when choosing your paving!
Paving checklist

Choose the Pros to Have it Paved

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