About the paving pros

Tested materials and quality installations

Invest in more than just pavement. Cover your landscape with heavy-duty materials and have it installed to ensure a lifetime of service. At Paving Pro’s, you will receive products that are tested; service that reflects excellence; and quality driven paving installations.

You Do the Walk, We Do the Work

Do you have the material but not the resources to install it? Or you do the paving, but need the material? Don’t use up your valuable time searching for varies places to deliver multiple services. Choose one place that does it all.

Leading the Way

Already located in more than ten places across the country, Paving Pro’s leads the way for endurable pavement materials and first-class installations. With the vision to grow and expand for our customer’s convenience, you can expect high standard products and friendships that are built on mutual trust and deliverance.

Steadfast in Our Values

  1. Tried and Tested: delivering products you can trust. The available materials are tested and proven to be of high quality and weather resistant.
  2. Relationship-driven services: delivering professional services and reliable advice, not to customers but friends.
  3. First-class Installations: systematically paving your landscape into a work of art, but at the same time sturdy and tough to last a lifetime.

Bringing Your Drive and Walk Back

Immeasurable in the way we value what we do.


Continuously investing in tested and durable products.


Focusing on providing professional and informative support to customers.


Effectively mastering each installation with excellence.

Choose from a wide variety of services and pavers

You'll be happy to entrust us with your project.

Different But How?

Delivering excellence without making distinctions. No matter how small or big your job is, we value each encounter.

How do we satisfy your requirements?

For your convenience choose from a broad range of services and products. Want it in your style and design? Choose from cobles, flagstones, cladding, copings, tiles and interlocking paving. Or you need first-class services? From walkway paving to pool-, driveway-, patio-, commercial-, entrance- and industrial paving, or cover your landscape with exposed concrete.

Need advice?

Having the perfect supplier, paving, and installer combo can be hassle-free, Paving Pros can save you valuable time and money


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